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Our New Digital Consultant

Our New Digital Consultant

PETE™, our AI-based digital consultant, revolutionizes your IT Service Management by transforming ITSM process data into actionable intelligence for improved service, lower costs, and greater efficiency.

PETE leverages process mining and machine learning techniques to calculate the PETE Score, based on ITSM process scores using dynamic KPI score trees.

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Benefits of Using PETE

ITSM Service Quality in a Single Score

The PETE Score summarizes the entire ITSM service delivery quality across all ITIL® processes.

It is as easy to read as a credit score and areas of improvement can be easily identified.

To start, PETE will focus on the main ITIL processes. Scope will be expanded in the coming releases.

No Manual ITSM Process Evaluation Required

ITSM process managers are discharged from auditing of tickets and creating process adherence reports.

They can concentrate on monitoring improvement activities suggested by PETE.

PETE significantly reduces the workload of your ITSM process managers.

No More Static ITSM Service Provider Reports

PETE replaces the majority of static Excel and PowerPoint service reports with a filterable near-time cockpit allowing dynamic comparisons.

PETE significantly reduces efforts in the preparation and interpretation of ITSM service reports.

Features of PETE

Near-Time Performance Overview

Gain real-time insights into your operations through a dynamic drill-down cockpit.

Clear Identification of Team Capabilities

Uncover your team’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying actionable opportunities for improvement.

Machine Learning-Based KPI Adjustments

Harness the power of machine learning to dynamically adjust process KPI weightings using real data.

Secure Azure Cloud Platform

Trust in the security and reliability of our solution, hosted on the robust Azure cloud platform.

Platform Independence

PETE can process transaction data from different systems (from ServiceNow and other ITSM suites, logs from ACDs/IVRs, Excel files).

Sneak Peek of PETE

Frequently Asked Questions

What is process scoring?2023-08-10T23:02:46+02:00

Process scoring is a new way of objectively assessing the performance of different processes and their users.

Leveraging process mining techniques, it calculates a set of KPIs evaluating the execution of key process steps and aggregates the KPIs into single scores. The relevance and associated weighting of the KPIs is determined and adjusted for client specific priorities using machine learning capabilities.

Which KPIs contribute to an ITSM process score?2023-10-20T15:29:52+02:00

Based on our ITSM process consulting experience, we have developed three sets of KPIs: ITSM process conformance KPIs, quality KPIs that focus on the execution of the most important process steps, as well as speed KPIs.

The ITSM process conformance KPIs calculate adherence to ideal, acceptable, and tolerable process variants (leveraging process mining techniques).

The actual PETE KPI Score Tree for each client is established by correlating end user feedback from the client’s organization (e.g., customer surveys) and data training sets (e.g., generated by manual scoring by ITSM process managers) with KPIs.

Our machine learning algorithm calculates the relevance of each KPI for each client, thus reflecting the importance for their business.

Which KPIs do you use and why?2023-10-20T15:28:41+02:00

PETE utilizes KPIs that result from our extensive ITSM process consulting experience. We have developed three sets of KPIs:

1.  ITSM process conformance KPIs, which calculate adherence to ideal, acceptable, and tolerable process variants using process mining techniques.

2. Quality KPIs, which focus on the execution of the most important process steps.

3. Speed KPIs, which measure the efficiency of ITSM processes.

For each client, the relevance of specific KPIs for the overall process score is determined and adjusted with the help of machine learning capabilities.

How are process scoring and process mining related to each other?2023-09-11T14:16:09+02:00

Process mining is a great way to model the ideal process and check to what extent this ideal process is followed.

We have advanced this approach together with Fraunhofer FIT and combined it with our ITSM process consulting experience. We co-developed a scoring model that calculates ITSM process conformance KPIs based on process mining techniques and enriched it with additional quality and speed KPIs.

Our ITSM process scoring is based on scientific research, statistical methods and machine learning algorithms and uses data available in our clients’ ITSM systems. This combination makes it unique and objective.

Which processes do you score?2023-10-20T15:27:43+02:00

Our core competencies are in the remit of ITIL best practice of ITSM processes. We have a broad knowledge in designing, implementing, and optimizing these processes and can therefore say very precisely when an ITSM process is running well and when it is not.

Furthermore, we can identify weaknesses in these processes quickly and directly. This knowledge has now been incorporated into PETE‘s KPI tree.

Can you also score non-IT processes?2023-09-01T11:45:00+02:00

Yes. We can do this under the following circumstances: 

  • We need to create or get an event log.  If you already use a process mining tool, we could use the event log from that tool. 
  • We will need to define the KPI thresholds with your experts to ensure the correct borders are set. 
Are there any technical pre-requisites?2023-10-20T15:26:41+02:00

One general prerequisite for PETE clients is to use Microsoft’s Azure and M365 suite.

PETE is technically capable to process transaction data from any ITSM system or data source. The set of standard systems PETE takes data from, will be expanded significantly over the next year.

For our Trailblazer clients, they must be using the ServiceNow modules for Incident Management and Service Request (Request Fulfilment/Management). In addition, one or more of the following ServiceNow modules: Problem Management, Knowledge Management, Change Management.

Is PETE™ available in other languages?2023-10-20T15:25:27+02:00

For the moment, PETE is only available in an English language version. However, we are planning to leverage AI for PETE’s future multi-language capabilities.

What is the cost model for PETE™?2023-10-20T15:25:46+02:00

The cost model is based on three components:
1.  One-off enablement cost.
2. Monthly fee per process (with discounts applicable for 2 or more processes).
3. Azure cost based on clients’ data volumes (we pass these costs through without any uplift).

To obtain your individual offer, please contact or use our contact form. You will be surprised how affordable PETE is (and we are convinced, you can realise an immediate ROI)!

Do you use any (process) maturity models (e.g. PMF, CMMI, etc.) to calculate scores?2023-09-01T12:00:24+02:00

No, we do not.

(Process) maturity models base their evaluation on questionnaires that need to be filled by people. The issue is that the quality of answers is dependent on the knowledge and experience of the respondent and may be biased. 

We have addressed this issue by analyzing data in our clients’ ITSM systems, giving us an objective view on the level of execution of the analyzed process.  

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