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Hendrik Ceh


We had been apart for so long we almost forgot each other’s faces. But when the Process Squad finally got back together, we knew we had to celebrate in style. With the weather gods smiling down on us, we decided to venture into the wild outdoors.

The goal?

An event that would test our limits, throw us into the unknown, and leave us all in stitches. And so, the glorious sport of #SwinGolf won our hearts.

We split into two teams and set off to conquer 18 holes in a vast field. We agreed to meet at 5:00 PM, but fate had other plans. Little did we know, this adventure was packing more curveballs than a Shakespearean comedy.

Here are a few note-worthy lessons we unearthed, that we’d love to share with you:

Varying Definitions of Success 🏁
Team 1 finished at 5:00 PM sharp, but not all holes were conquered. Meanwhile, Team 2 completed all 18 holes, albeit with a nail-biting finish at 5:20 PM. Who won? Interpretations vary. Both teams agree that if the ultimate goal was fun, then both teams tied for first place! (Learning: agree on goals and the Definition of Done prior to starting a task)

Expectations Versus Reality 🤔
We thought SwinGolf would be a relaxing stroll in the park. Boy, were we wrong. We climbed hills, played hide and seek (looking for tees and balls), and dodged incoming foreign objects. The sun was relentless, and so was our thirst. By Hole 14, some we were ready to call it quits. But we didn’t. We adapted, worked smarter as a team, and improvised. (Learning: Plan for some buffer and reserves for unforeseen events)

Nothing Bonds You Like a Cold Drink (and a Bad Swing) 🍻
We cheered each other on as we swung our clubs with gusto. Sometimes, the ball flew high and far. Other times, it barely moved an inch. But we didn’t care. We were having fun. The sweet prospect of a cold drink gave us the will to soldier on. Call it motivation, call it hydration – it worked! (Learning: a motivating goal at the horizon helps to overcome obstacles)

Everyone Has Something to Teach (and Learn) 🎯
Some of us were natural “SwinGolfers”, while others… well, let’s just say they had room for improvement (they kept the greens nice and trimmed)! But we didn’t judge. We helped each other out. We shared tips and tricks and learned from our mistakes. We grew as players, as people and as a team. (Learning: knowledge increases when shared with others)

All in all, the day was legendary, and our post-adventure feast echoed with tales of our SwinGolf prowess.

The real question: Are we SwinGolf experts now? Maybe not. But are we SwinGolf enthusiasts? You bet! 🏆

Either way, we made memories that will last for a long time.

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