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Hendrik Ceh


Navigating the world of service management can often feel like an uphill battle, especially when managing multiple service providers and services which are different by nature (e.g. network services and an HR application). We’ve all been there, tackling recurring issues that emerge unexpectedly, trying to interpret reports and PowerPoint presentations that only tell half the story and raise more questions than they answer.

In our quest for clarity and actionable insights, we often found ourselves lost in translation. Reports from service providers, while not intentionally misleading, sometimes felt disconnected from our reality and more importantly: user perception; offering comparisons that were less apples to apples, and more melons to oranges: appealing on the outside but ultimately leaving us wanting more.

The disconnect between SLAs and user satisfaction was glaring. Striving for improvement consumed time, energy, and required an unprecedented level of customer involvement.

That’s when we envisioned PETE, our answer to the complexities of IT Service Management (ITSM). PETE is the culmination of our experience, knowledge and aspirations, transformed into technological wizardry. It streamlines your efforts from a tedious task into an efficient, enjoyable process. With PETE, you will turn your ITSM journey into a story of success and satisfaction.

Think of PETE as a modern-day superhero armed with the power of data analytics. PETE revolutionizes Service Management by offering unbiased, clear-cut insights derived directly from data in your ITSM system and other complementary sources.
– With PETE, no more puzzling over KPIs; dive deep into processes with precision, illuminating concerns and solutions.
– PETE integrates customer satisfaction surveys into its scoring system, ensuring comprehensive service measurement.
– For service providers, PETE levels the playing field by evaluating and ranking each on the same scale for transparency.
– PETE eliminates vague reports, bringing every detail into the light for transparent evaluation.
– PETE offers an online cockpit for real-time insights, replacing static presentations.
– It highlights providers’ strengths and weaknesses, offering a clear path to improvement.
– PETE is cloud-based, easy and fast to set up, and requires no maintenance, reducing effort by 30-50% for all involved.

Ready to transform your service management experience with PETE? Reach out to us at for a detailed walkthrough and discover how we can elevate your operations together.

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