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Michelle Waddington


In a world marked by increasing diversity and rapid change, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the valuable contributions of migrants to our workforce and society. This sentiment lies at the heart of the “27 percent of us – #KeineWirtschaftOhneWir” initiative, spearheaded by the DIHK (Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer), or Chamber of Industry and Commerce. At its core, the initiative highlights the pivotal role played by the 27% of employed individuals in Germany who have a migration background, as emphasized by the campaign’s powerful imagery, which visually represents this statistic by cutting the logo by 27%.

At Process Squad GmbH, diversity is fundamental to our values. With over 40% of our team consisting of non-German members, we recognize the unique insights and perspectives that people from different backgrounds bring. You’d have a hard time identifying the members of our team with migrant backgrounds just from our group photo, which challenges us all to reconsider our perceptions. Our company thrives on diversity, and the exchange of different ideas and opinions drives us forward in the constantly changing business world.

Germany’s economy and society are fundamentally enriched by the presence of individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Without the significant contribution of the 27% of the workforce with a migrant background, both would be sorely lacking. Today, more than twelve million people with a migrant background actively contribute to the country’s prosperity, with nearly one million of them being self-employed. Particularly noteworthy is the high proportion of migrant entrepreneurs, whose start-up rate over the past decade has been nearly twice as high as that of their counterparts without a migration background.

As a professional community, we must stand firm against extremist tendencies and lend our support to initiatives like “27 percent of us – #KeineWirtschaftOhneWir.” Exclusion and hatred not only threaten our coexistence within a free democratic society but also jeopardize our economic prosperity.

In addition to championing diversity within our own organization, we recognize the broader societal benefits that stem from embracing multiculturalism. A diverse workforce fosters innovation, creativity, and adaptability, qualities that are increasingly essential in today’s globalized economy.

Let’s reaffirm our commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusivity in all facets of our society. By recognizing and valuing the contributions of migrants to our workforce and economy, we not only uphold the principles of equality and social cohesion but also pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

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