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Hendrik Ceh


The influence of AI continues to expand, marking a year of accelerated development.
Traditionally, AI in IT Service Management has been a realm less explored. However, 2024 promises a transformative shift as attention focuses on key AI trends.
These trends not only pledge to revolutionize IT processes but also offer an unparalleled opportunity for organizations.

In the world of ITSM, we’d like to look at 2 AI-driven trends where you and your company may benefit from.

1.) Predictive Analytics for Planning purposes:
In the dynamic world of IT, accurately predicting future resource needs is paramount. AI-powered predictive analytics facilitates precise forecasting by analyzing historical data and performance metrics.
While spreadsheets with trendlines remain a simple option, handling Automated Machine Learning platforms, like MS Azure Machine Learning, has become more accessible.
Generative AI now guides users through the process of setting up the right predictive analysis model. All you need is an Azure account (the free version suffices) and some time to explore the models.
“Azure AI Services” contains quite a lot ready-to-use models for different use cases.

2.) Enhanced Data Analysis for Service Optimization:
The ability to derive meaningful insights from data is a game-changer.
AI-driven advanced data analytics enables the extraction of comprehensive insights from service metrics, user experiences, and ticket histories, displayed in drill-down dashboards with just a few clicks.
While many ITSM platforms offer built-in data visualization options, some lack flexibility to merge different datasets. Visualization tools like PowerBI, Qlik Sense, Tableau (etc.) are user-friendly and guide directly to areas needing improvement.
In IT Service Management, Process Mining, exemplified by tools like Celonis EMS, is powerful for gaining a deep understanding of how your ITSM processes actually work and for identifying bottlenecks.
Free versions are increasingly available, guiding users through the setup. At Process Squad, machine learning assists with identifying patterns and trends, and our PETE Process Scoring Methodology aids in optimizing service processes.

As we step into 2024, the potential for AI-driven IT Service Management is genuinely exciting. Predictive analytics and advanced data analysis are coming into sharper focus, made more accessible with the latest AI developments. This marks a transformative journey towards efficient IT Service Management, and we are thrilled to lead the way. 🚀✨

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