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Michelle Waddington


Let’s talk about #communication in #Project Management. As professionals, we aim to make the best use of content and methods that we’ve used – tried and tested.

But we can easily underestimate the efforts required to make an impact. No matter how well you craft a communication, pre-empting questions and providing a clear call to action, the result can sometimes end in radio silence.

We revisit the messaging, make changes, adjust the style, and try again. We look at ways to work with the client to incorporate changes specific to the culture and values of the organisation. How quickly do you escalate a non-response? At what point do you copy in senior stakeholders and risk offending your audience? Time pressures mount and the clock is ticking: answers and results are outstanding.

The reality is that we often underestimate the time required to find an approach that works. Finding creative ways to engage with your audience to obtain results without alienating your team members and stakeholders is an art. There is a misconception in some circles that Project Managers “just chase people for information”. Some days it can feel like that 😉

There is no magic “communication formula” that works for all audiences, all the time. We learn from experience, we share tips with others, and always consider better ways to work with each other more effectively. At Process Squad, we are passionate about efficiency in everything we do, and at the same time appreciate the evolving art of communication – always improving, always striving to best utilise our own efforts and those of our clients.

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