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Michelle Waddington


At Process Squad, we understand that a healthy team is the foundation of a vibrant, successful company. Our commitment to well-being extends beyond the traditional perks—it’s woven into the very fabric of our workspace. Following the warm reception of our “Sven” article, showcasing our beloved massage chair and its benefits, we’re pleased to share how we’ve transformed our office into a calm oasis for our staff and visitors.

The Calm Oasis Concept

We’ve intentionally designed our office environment to avoid sensory overload, creating a sanctuary that fosters both concentration and relaxation. Our team members spend their days at specialized desks and chairs selected to support their well-being, ensuring comfort throughout the workday. The lighting in our office is not only adjusted but fully adjustable, catering to individual preferences and changing natural light conditions, reducing eye strain and enhancing focus. We opted for Philips HUE lightbulbs due to their versatile color options and ability to create varied lighting scenes, enhancing the ambiance and functionality of our office environment.

Spaces for Every Need

Recognizing the diverse needs of our team, we have integrated phone booths for those moments that require privacy or discretion. These spaces are perfect for quiet contemplation or confidential discussions without disturbance.

Central to our well-being initiative is our kitchen, a heartwarming space where we cook healthy team lunches from scratch. It’s here that we not only nourish our bodies but also strengthen our bonds, sharing stories and ideas over wholesome meals.

Flexibility and Remote Work

In today’s world, flexibility is key. We offer remote work options to accommodate our team’s varied needs, ensuring they have the ability to design their work life in a way that best supports their personal health and productivity.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our office is enlivened with plants that contribute to a serene atmosphere. They provide oxygen, aid in noise reduction, and serve as natural, flexible barriers that delineate spaces without creating a feeling of confinement.

Catering to All Work Styles

We pride ourselves on catering to all kinds of work styles and creating environments that everyone can thrive in. Whether our team members prefer a bustling open space or a quiet nook, our office is designed with variety and flexibility in mind.

A Dog-Friendly Workplace

And yes, we are proudly dog-friendly! We champion the positive effects our furry friends bring to the office, from stress relief to increased camaraderie. Their presence is a joyful reminder of the balance we strive to maintain between work and play.

Our Pledge

At Process Squad, well-being isn’t an afterthought—it’s our operational ethos. We believe that by investing in a healthy work environment, we are nurturing a culture of excellence and innovation. Here’s to creating workplaces that are not just productive but also joyful and healthy!

Join us on this journey and discover how putting health and well-being first can transform not just an office, but the very spirit of work itself. Visit our website to take a virtual tour of our remarkable offices, experiencing firsthand the innovative environment we’ve created.

Let us know in the comments what resonates with you most. We’d love to know more about your approach to health in the workplace.


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