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Hendrik Ceh

A view of the PETE Cockpit displaying ITSM process scores to enable better IT Service Provider Management.

People say data is the new oil – but if unrefined, it cannot be used effectively.

Today’s ITSM systems contain a vast treasure trove of data that holds highly specific information about the quality of services provided. However, there have been some inherent challenges: limited access to information for service managers and other stakeholders, and discrepancies between service providers’ data and end-users’ perception of the services. How can you bring this data together and use it to improve your IT service provider management?

By viewing service delivery through standardized (ITIL®) processes, it is now possible to normalize and compare the performance of individual IT service providers. Adopting a process mining approach can help extract and refine your data (the oil) to gain insights into a process.

Process mining represents the process, but the evaluation still requires expert intervention. At Process Squad, we have taken process mining to the next evolutionary stage of data-driven analysis: ITSM process scoring.

Our PETE Process Scoring Methodology is based on both process KPIs and end-users’ perception of the services rendered.
The goal of our PETE Score is to automatically determine the relevance of each KPI and to adjust them over time.
By scoring multiple processes, it becomes possible to create a service score that objectively compares the performance of different providers and teams, both within and across peer groups.

Furthermore, our PETE Score indicates areas in which service improvement can be achieved by drilling down into KPIs. This enables targeted actions to enhance the services delivered by your IT service providers in a more straightforward manner.

IT leaders now have a powerful tool for optimizing IT service provider management: an AI-driven ITSM scoring model.
This model enables efficiency and creates full transparency about the capabilities of your IT service providers.

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