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Hendrik Ceh


Summer is back again!

In our opinion, anything reaching 30 degrees Celsius is making life in the office pretty unbearable. At the same time, we don’t want to be using huge ACs that are not exactly beneficial for the environment – let alone the rather unappealing aesthetics.

That’s why we had to get creative.

Our winter experiment (see here: ) was very successful and showed that we can conserve resources and create a comfortable climate with little effort.

While it is quite easy to dress warmer in winter, it is more difficult to create a good climate in summer. Taking off your clothes is only possible up to a certain level (and we want to stay professional 😉 ).

So we have equipped ourselves with various materials, which we will now test over the next few weeks:
– Fans
– Cooling waistcoats (The counterpart to the heating waistcoat, see also our winter experiment)
– Cooling cloths
– Cooling blankets for animals (also work for humans)
– Spray bottles (set the spray jet to “mist”, otherwise the devices tend to turn into water pistols)
– Meetings by the lake (one of the great advantages of our office is that it is only a stone’s throw away from the Kettwig reservoir.)

What do you use to keep cool in hot weather? 😅

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