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Philip Heiber


Following up from our recent article on our collaboration with the Fraunhofer FIT (Institute for Applied Information Technology): Revolutionizing ITSM Process Consulting, we’re diving deeper into the technological advancements and expertise we’ve woven into our PETE innovation.

If you haven’t read the article yet, we highly recommend it for an insightful background on this fruitful partnership.

Our unique PETE Process Scoring Methodology has been a game-changer in scoring ITSM processes. By assessing key performance indicators and employing machine learning, we’ve been able to calculate the PETE Score with a focus on service quality and execution.

Our collaboration with Fraunhofer FIT has significantly enhanced this model, enabling us to visualize the quality of process execution in a way that’s both automatic and directly comparable, based on actual performance steps. Key to PETE’s efficacy is our meticulously crafted Conformance KPIs.

These specialized indicators play a vital role in monitoring the alignment of our processes with defined standards, ensuring not just operational efficiency but also the highest standards of quality and compliance. Integrating these Conformance KPIs into the PETE Process Scoring Methodology represents our commitment to a holistic approach.

It’s not enough to evaluate the efficiency of processes; we also rigorously assess their adherence to requirements. This ensures a comprehensive evaluation, providing insights that are both deep and actionable. The opportunities emerging from our collaboration with Fraunhofer FIT have been nothing short of transformative.

As we continue to build on these advancements, our journey into further technological enhancements promises even more exciting prospects. Stay tuned as we share ongoing insights and breakthroughs.

With each step forward, we reinforce our commitment to revolutionizing ITSM processes, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise for unparalleled ITSM excellence.

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