Hendrik Ceh


We are thrilled to share an exciting update with you today, as we reflect on the tremendous progress we have made over the past year. At #ProcessSquad, we have worked tirelessly to transform our vision of reshaping IT Process Consulting into a tangible reality. The entire #ProcessSquad team has been united, shoulder to shoulder, in making this ambitious dream come true! 🎯

We have developed the concept of IT Process Scoring and our digital consultant PETE will be ready within the next couple of weeks to help bring your IT Service Provider Management to the next level through the help of #AI. 🤖

Our IT Process Scoring model works like a credit score for IT operations, providing a clear measure of IT service provider performance in a fully automated way. ⏭️

No digging through Excel files, attending lengthy service review meetings and reviewing endless PPT reports anymore‼️

We have filed a patent application for this groundbreaking innovation, highlighting the exceptional uniqueness of PETE.

Kudos to the whole #ProcessSquad for the great achievement!

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