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Petra Heine-Brach


Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Kerstin Groß, the Managing Director of IHK MEO (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Essen, Oberhausen), for a personal exchange.

During this meeting, we introduced our new digital consultant PETE and received insights from Ms. Groß into her vision for the future development of the IHK, as well as the challenges on the way there.

We have come to know Ms. Groß as an extremely open, visionary, very team-oriented and pragmatic leader. Her passion for innovation and her ability to combine strategic perspectives with practical solutions have shown us many parallels to our own approach.

We were particularly pleased that Ms. Groß took the time to get to know our team. It was palpable how interested she was in our concerns and challenges and responded to them with great empathy and expertise. This close dialogue has not only deepened our mutual understanding, but also strengthened our trust in the MEO Chamber of Industry and Commerce and, in particular, in the feasibility of Ms. Groß’s visions.

After the visit, we consider ourselves lucky to be part of the IHK MEO and see a clear added value in the membership of the IHK. Ee look forward to providing Ms. Groß and her team with advice and support on their way to digitization.

P.S. Kerstin Groß, next time you definitely need to test 🧘 the massage chair

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