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Hendrik Ceh


As a business located in the small town of Essen-Kettwig, we have a big heart for other local organizations – which is why we have made the decision to support one of them. KSV (Kettwiger Sportverein) is a local sports club that offers many different types of sports.

At the moment, basketball is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, we decided to support the youth team with a new set of jerseys.

But why is sponsoring such a good idea?
1.) It’s a good opportunity to help others and see immediate impact.
2.) It demonstrates our appreciation for voluntary commitment – which is something we do not hesitate to support.
3.) As we have mentioned, we are deeply rooted in Kettwig and want to support our locals, of course!

And why basketball?
1.) It demands and also helps develop physical as well as mental skills.
2.) The game requires fast strategic thinking and action. You have to make decisions fairly quickly.
3.) It can only be played as a team – and the game can be completely turned in the last few seconds.

As we like to think, basketball represents in a good way what Process Squad stands for. We are a team of specialists, but we have the necessary knowledge and skills in our area to support each other. We have to make quick decisions and if they do not bring the desired results, we have enough options in our repertoire to adapt the game plan based on the given situation – to support our customers in the best possible way. πŸ˜‰

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